Cliffside Inn: Rest and Relaxation Approved

One of my favorite places to day trip is Newport, Rhode Island.  It’s a little over an hours drive from Boston, MA which makes it perfect when you need a change of scenery but may not be able to spend a long time away.  My visit usually consist of a delicious meal, a visit to the mansions and/or a stroll along all of the cute shops and boutiques. As many times as I’ve visited the area, I had never stayed the night over.    I’ll tell you, Cliffside Inn Bed and Breakfast is definitely the right choice if you’re planning a solo getaway or a trip with your honey cushion (that’s the person you call sweetie and like to snuggle up on).  I mean, Cliffside Inn is noted as a luxury romantic inn. That means no little feet skipping in or around the grounds. Well, unless you stay at the dog friendly Sea View Cottage located across the gardens.   If you’re looking for a luxury experience to facilitate a relaxing time of “adulting”, this is the place. They are fully equipped with wine!  I know some of you have checked for availability already, well, because… WINE! Ok, so let me tell you more about my solo visit.  Yes, I went alone and I did absolutely nothing and it felt great.

Cliffside Inn Main House

Cliffside Inn Main House and Gardens

Upon arriving, I was greeted by a very pleasant woman who was walking from the Sea View Cottage toward the main house.  She stopped and asked if I needed any help AFTER she said hello.  Now, I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the decline in great customer service these days but I’m here to tell you, people tend not to extend a kind salutation.  The staff at the Cliffside Inn are so warm and engaging that I found myself having conversation with those who were in and around the grounds during my overnight stay. Entering the 1876 Victorian manor made me feel like I was taken back into a time where a parisol  and bustling skirt would have been most appropriate when mounting the stairs which leads to several of the 13 rooms in the main house. But hold that thought, I will get to my room in a bit.  I was so captivated by the detail and character of  everything around me that I definitively  let out a few “wows” in between a couple of exhales.  Something about this place commands you to just relax. The atmosphere whipsers, “Don’t think about anything beyond the main doors. Come in an unwind.”  Need help unwinding? No worries, they have wine and a wonderful assortment of tea cups ready for your preferred hot beverage.

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The kind innkeeper Cindy led me through the foyer to the check in which sits across from the kitchen where all the magic happens. Everything prepared was worthy of the “yeeeeesss” silent head nod. You know the one you dare not speak for fear you may miss a robust tastebud experience. Oh, ok, again, hold that thought. Back to my story…  I was introduced to the lovely Nancy Bagwill, she and her husband Bill have owned the Inn for the past 5 years.  If I hadn’t been told this bit of information, I would have sworn that they inherited it because they’re connection and care to it feels as if it’s been theirs all of their life.  It’s evident that Bill and Nancy absolutely love people. Both are very attentive and engaging. Nancy is a kind and compassionate spirit and she just seems like she should be an author.  She just seems to have this  graceful way of how she connects with people and I would love to read about her travel experiences. Bill, is fun and definitely someone you call when you need some humor sprinkled about.   Together, they bring an unforgettable experience to the Inn.  I appreciated how attentive they were to the needs of their guests.  As a person who has allergies, it’s always expected (by myself) that I won’t have many dining options. Not so at Cliffside Inn.  They took really good care of me.

Cliffside Inn Kitchen

Owner Bill

After being signed in, I was taken to my room.  I stayed in one of the more popular guest rooms which is called Beatrice’s Room.  This room belonged to the Victorian Artist, Beatrice Turner who once owned this home. Although modernized, the room still has the artistic touches of Beatrice throughout the room.  Her detailed hand painted door panels suggest that she  must have loved flowers around her. Her interpretations are very delicate and mixed with bursting hues of summer. The suite is quite lovely  with its pink walls, hardwood flooring and a gorgeous mahogany queen size bed which facilitated the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time.  But before I climbed into the bed for said magnificent sleep, I of course enjoyed all of the amenities the room had to offer.  Other than eating, this is the ONLY work I did during my stay. Wait!  I did go for a slow stroll along The CliffWalk.  It may even be considered more of a saunter than a stroll.  My mission was to take it all in, any level of exertion past slow was not an option. k. I was here to relax, that’s it!  As I was getting settled in, I was told that there was an afternoon reception complete with wine and hors d’oeurves  from 5-6pm in the Victorian room.  Oh, what was girl to do. I wanted to pull out my book and curl up in the bay window which overlooks the garden, cottage, and beach.  A dilemma presented itself, yield to the comfortable nook, take an unintentional nap (the pillows are slumber perfect.) and possibly miss the afternoon reception or put away my things and head out the door.  I choose the latter which is how I ended up walking along the eastern shore of Newport, R.I.  No regrets here, the fresh air and picturesque view along the cliff was just what I needed. When I returned to the Inn, it was time to enjoy the wonderful spread available to the guests.  I was presented with a sumptuous custom dairy free hors d’ouevres tray with a side of olives. FYI, the fancy bowl of olives are really dark chocolate covered almonds. Myself, along with previous guests have made the hilarious mistake of attacking the almonds with our fork (I was told that some have flown across the room). LOL!

My night was a relaxing one, after the lovely turn down service (they brought me chocolate dipped cookies! WIN!) I turned on the fireplace and enjoyed warming my toes until my bath had been fully drawn.  Oh yes, It’s imperative that I take baths when I’m kid free.  In fact, once I see the “big tub that makes bubbles”, a mental countdown to full body submersion time begins to happen immediately.  There was no need for me to pull out any of my beauty products (of course I brought a bag full of products! I’m a beauty girl.) because there was a nice selection of Aveda products on deck and my body loves Aveda.  I put on the massage jets for a short time but then I decided to enjoy the sounds of soft music as I went through my mental “gratitude” list.  I believe it’s important to embrace your blessings in the moment.  ” Bravo Select Registry! This girl is engulfed in an epic basin of “no matters” and exhales thanks to you. You are appreciated!”  Since I was calm and balanced, I piled all of the pillows in front of the fireplace and enjoyed a slumber party of one. I sipped tea and enjoyed my cookies. The television nor computer ever came on during my stay because that would have totally gone against the doing nothing agenda.  My cookies were gone, the fireplace was out and I was wanting another beverage.  I tip toed downstairs and made another cup of tea before bedtime. Yeah, I know they have wine but I had to settle for getting tea tipsy since I had taken my allergy meds.  PSA: Always drink responsibly.



It’s Morning! You know that you’ve had a great night’s sleep when you naturally wake up  past your daily scheduled alarm time.  Bonus sleep?! Yes! I did a few happy rolls and snuggled into the pillows. This celebration was quickly interrupted by a small ping of sadness at the thought that my day at Cliffside Inn was coming to an end. *Le sigh*  No worries my friends, the feeling was soon lost when I made my way to the dining room and learned that Bill had prepared me a ridiculously delicious Banana’s Foster.  Here is why it ranks so well, most times, when someone prepares me a meal customized to my allergies, myself and the meal have a silent stare down conversation in which we both express confusion and perplexity.  This breakfast was sure of itself. I said “oh, this is soooo good” and I swear the the banana sauce spoke back “Yes, I am! have more of me.”  THEN, Nancy brings me french pressed coffee. Good glory in the morning! How did they know it’s my favorite? I love french pressed coffee.  You see how this was a great send off?   Before saying my good byes and heading out, I was sure to enjoy a cup of coffee in the library as I read through some really cool books about local history.  Finally, I made my way up to my room and enjoyed my last moments snuggled in the nook with a glass off fresh juice. I plan on going back with my husband, my hunny cushion.  We might have to shush he and Bill as to not disturb the other guests but I can’t wait to share this experience with him.

Thank you again to Select Registry for sending me to Cliffside Inn. Check out their site if you’re looking for a wonderful Bed & Breakfast for solo travel, a girls night out, or a romantic getaway.  And a whopping THANK YOU to Bill and Nancy Bagwill for a wonderful experience at Cliffside Inn.  For more pictures from my visit check out my  Gorgeous New England Pinterest Board.

Have you had a good Bed & Breakfast experience?  Tell us in the comments. We are always looking for relaxing places to visit.