She Buys Cars and Chevrolet Hosts Boston Bloggers at the Boston Auto Show

Boston Auto Show

New England International Auto Show


Spend a day with a group of extraordinary woman and learn about cars?  Sign me up! And that they did! She Buys Cars and Chevrolet  rolled out a wonderful day for Bloggers and Influencers at the New England Car Show.  It was my first time ever attending a car show and I tell you what, by the end of the day I was ready to hand over my car keys for a new model and upgrade.  Oh, it was a superb time. I nuzzled so gently into drivers seats, softly ran my hand over dashboards, stroked some stick shifts, and just flat out excepted all of the flirtatious advances from various automobiles.  I mean, this girl was taken IN!  I thought I truly loved my Nissan Pathfinder until, until… The Chevrolet Tahoe let down its step and invited me in. Goodness!! He smelled like new money and good credit.   It didn’t help when I learned of all the grand features rolling out in all of the Chevrolet vehicles:

  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto Technology( use Siri or the touchscreen to access your apps, make calls, gps, etc)
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot (you can connect up to 7 devices!)
  • OnStar and AT&T  now allows a quicker recording of collisions.  A 360 degree view of you car is captured to access damage and that information is sent to the first responders.
  • The Onstar and Chevrolet partnership also allows for so many more great incentives for the customers such as: shopping deals, coupons, remote start and more.
Oh, I enjoyed every feature of this Tahoe.

Oh, I enjoyed every feature of this Tahoe.

This was all so good. I had to text the Mr. who has been a Tahoe fan for years. He melodiously yells out its name every time he see one pass him by. “Babe, I had no idea!  I too am Tahoe smitten. Tahooooooooo!”    I’m an SUV woman. I like sitting up high, a good heating system, ample leg space and a third row for carpooling days.  The Tahoe and Infiniti QX80 Limited were my two favorites of the day.  I will take either for my birthday or Christmas. I’m just putting this out there for anyone who is into generous gifting. hehe


2016 Chevy Mailbu

The new Chevy “Oooow! I’m telling Mom and Dad!” Malibu

I was thoroughly impressed with the new Teen Driving System (coming April 1st) which is a tool to help parents teach their children safe driving. “The fatal crash rate for 16-19yr olds in the U.S is nearly 3 times higher than drivers ages 20 and higher. ~ Chevrolet”  With such a startling statistic looming about, this system seeks to reduce the stress on parents and encourage safe driving habits when the teen is driving alone.  No seatbelt? Cool, no music! You AND your friends have to comply if you want the vibes. Buckle UP! TDS will also warn your teen if they exceed the preset speed. Hold on!! This my be good for some of our heavy hoofed loved ones as well. Slow down!  As a mom of a teen, this impressed me. I particularly like that a report card of their driving is generated. This is a great way for parents and teens to talk about good and/or bad driving habits driving habits.  Did I mention the volume limit control? Yes! None of that vibrating the person’s car next to you.  Keep it considerate!



Lunchtime at Sauceity

New England Crab Cake with Japanese Slaw, Tuscan Panini wit goat cheese, and assorted desserts.


All of  the car talk and gawking had us ladies and a gent (shout out to Jeff Cutler!) hungry.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Sauciety which is located in the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.  I was told to get tha crabThe food was delicious and quite filling so Kim Orland0 from(  and I, came up with the brilliant idea to taste test all of the desserts together.  With our forks in hand we dove in and took *counts the desserts* 11 for the team.  After careful a few winks, ooows, and nods, we decided that the pistachio one was a no (that’s the green spongy looking one), chocolate is always good, and the apple tart was the best. You’re welcome! LOL


After filling up our tummies it was back to the show floor to explore more cars.  There are so so many to choose from which makes this the best time to go if you’re in the market for a car.  It’s the perfect “no pressure. no sales” environment.  Leading Car Experts are there to answer all of your questions and inform you of all of the new features being rolled out in various vehicles.  Whether you’re looking for simple comfort or new innovation and luxury, it’s all under one roof for you to research and explore.  Variety is the spice of this car browsing experience.  You can touch, see, talk (if you’re into that kind of thing) and  possibly get a little quality time with your prospective cruise candy.  I suggest you go on Thursday, opening evening or Friday during the day,   if you would like to do the latter. The crowd is rather light compared to the Saturday and Sunday rush.   I was much more excited than I had expected to be about spending a day looking at sports, cars, luxury cars, trucks, minivans, church vans, etc. Who knew that a day with cars could give me that “a day in Sephora” feeling!  The designs, colors, and features had me all kinds of excited and I cannot wait to go back next year. I’m still looking at these Nissan keys like “hmmmmm, should I?” Car seduction is real ya’ll! lol    Thank you to She Buys Cars and Chevrolet for a fun filled informative day!  Enjoy my gallery below and let me know in the comments, What do you look for in a car?




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