Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On The Road Tour NYC


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I’m so excited to have been invited to the  Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On The Road in New York City which will be held at the historic New Amsterdam Theatre on June 15th.  From all of the banter online, I’ve learned that this is a coveted invite only affair and they picked ME!!  Wooohooo  This has totally heightened my low key obsession with Sir Mickey , his gal Minnie and all things Disney.  As I’ve gotten older, I tend not to wear the paraphernalia as in my youth but you can be assured that I will never be caught out in the streets without paying homage to the magical mouse and his crew. *whispers* check my keys!


My Disney keychains!

Like me, you’re probably wondering “What is Disney Social Media Moms Celebration “On The Road”?  Well, here’s how the great people over at Disney explained it to me: ”The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration “On-The-Road” creates an energetic forum where parent influencers and social media enthusiasts meet for a half-day program filled with educational and inspiring content designed to support the goals and unique lifestyle demands of parents. You can expect to get a sneak peek at behind-the-scenes info straight from Disney Parks, participate in interactive sessions and hear from a dynamic line-up of speakers. Since magic is always in the air whenever you show your #DisneySide, you can expect a few surprises as well!

Exciting, right?! A room full of Mom (and Pop) online influencers being sprinkled with magical pixie dust and spreading it out to you via our social media platforms. So make sure you’re following myself, @thegorgeousblog (Twitter) and The Gorgeous Ingredient (Instagram and Facebook),  @Disneymoms, and #DisneySMMC for updated information throughout the day.  Now, I’m off to figure out what to wear to show off my #DisneySide for the conference. Lauren Conrad’s Disney collection at Kohl’s has some really cute items that I’ll be trying on. Stay tuned for my pick!  Are you a Disney fan? Tell me about your #Disneyside in the comments





  • I’m a huge Disney fan and this couldn’t be any exciting. So, how did the event go? I’m anticipating you had a blast. Would love to hear about that. :)