Boston Mints Naturally Refreshing Lip Gloss

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Boston Mints Lip Gloss , are long lasting sheer lip glosses that come in 12 shades and carry the names of some really cool local New England hot spots. Creator and Makeup Artist, Joanne Ilacqua created the naturally refreshing glosses as a custom lip cosmetic which provides nourishing treatment to lips that are exposed to the punishing lights of photo shoots. “Boston Mints are made of natural ingredients including spearmint leaf oil, aloe vera gel, vitamins C and E, with antioxidants to reduce damage and premature aging. The lip glosses offer a natural, healthy alternative to the coal tar based products.”  The glosses garnered rave reviews from both her model and spa clients. These “Mint-y” gems delivered the benefits we all seek in a good lip product: good texture, color and long lasting qualities and their new perky pouts couldn’t stop talking about it.  There was no way Ms. Ilacqua could keep this great product as her makeup kit’s secret weapon, and she didn’t! *fist pumps* Boston Mints are now available to purchase online and at several locations around Massachusetts.  The price tag on these gems start at $9 and come in either full or travel size.
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My love for a good red brings my eyes straight to “Go Sox”. However, “Plantation Peach” looks like a perfect pop of  color for the summer. Oh, decisions! Decisions! What color/s do you see making it onto your lips and into your cosmetic bag?
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