ABC’s Scandal Has Me Feeling Mishandled

NOT really!

It’s been a month of Thursdays without Scandal and my feelings are not handled.  So much so that I’m only willing to acknowledge one solid month of missing the show. This is where you nod your head and say “Yeah, Girl” THIS is your moment of solidarity. The moment you hold your heart and say “I’m with you Girl!” Learning that they pushed the premiere date out from September 12th to October 3rd, has me feeling like Scandal delivered a bouquet of melancholy to my virtual soul. Pheeew! Just thinking about it gives me the Withers…

*Sways* “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gooooone. She’s always gone too long, anytime she goes away” *throws a hanky* YAS! Tell me Scandal doesn’t make you feel like that!! When Seven Fifty Two wrestles you into a corner, takes hold of your life and you rock back n forth.”I know, I know, I know, I know, I know….aint no sunshiiiiiine when she’s gooooone… this house just ain’t no home…. Chiiiiile, you will mess around and catch the sweats like Withers in that video because your Thursday is somber and darkness is rolling in the way . I undAHstand! I do!  This tale was foretold in a feature on The Root(Scandal withdrawal: It’s a Real Thing) The withdrawal is real and rehab needs to be taken seriously.  Like me, you have tried to fill the void and nothing can take the place of your Thursday night love. Olivia Pope and her misfit of associates have hucked us all the way up. Left us wondering who leaked that Liv is Fitz’s side piece. Scandal had us Casper’d when Liv said “Dad?”  We were confused, shaken and chest clinching like Cyrus upon the cold slate. Our pressure just would not go down like Mellie did in the shower scene. NOPE!  Our Gladiators suits are heavy  but our emotions will deal. Period!   By the way, I’m not pleased at the “#WhoIsRowan?” campaign. There are many pertinent questions which are far  more worthy than that one. Last Season it was #WhoIsQuinn? We STILL don’t know. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah her name is Lindsey Dwyer. AND? How come she has survived TWO boyfriends being murdered in association to Defiance? Why is her life so much more valuable? Her daddy didn’t seem like he would be camped on the white house lawn if she had gotten blown up with her boo.So again, Why was her life more valued and she worthy of being a Gladiator? Did she really just tuck her anger and 5g’s away after that Huck speech (Ep:213 Nobody Likes Babies)? Is she REALLY a natural at bludgeoning and torturing? Nah, I don’t buy it. Huck was so concerned about her enjoyment, he alerts Liv who is just as concerned. So ya’ll just gave her B-613 training cause ya’ll feel bad for saving her life? Again, NOPE, NOT buying IT. Remember, Verna wished they would have let her hang in court (Ep: 202 The Other Woman) Why didn’t they since she believed Quinn could bring down the whole government?  Mmmmmhmmmmm

See! I have good questions and since I’ve committed to the #31WriteNow challenge, (A post everyday for the month of August. Read about it on Awesomely Luvvie) you can come back every Thursday and feed your Scandal rehab needs right here.

Now understand this isn’t your traditional Rehab. We’re not here to fix anything. WE ARE ENABLERS. We FEED the issue. LOL  Our motto is:
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