Jane Iredale Cleansing Accessories

When I was first introduced to Jane Iredale‘s cleansing accessories I knew I had to share with you.  The Magic Mitt was demonstrated to me with just the mitt, foundation and a bottle of water.  “This mitt COMPLETELY removes makeup without any cleanser” says the trainer  My interest is piqued, I need to see her pull this off with just a bottle of room temp water.  She proceeds to slide the mitt on, pour a bit of water on it, then remove a good portion of her foundation.  I watched intently and yes, the area she wiped was CLEAN.  So now I’m really into the demo.  She pours more water on the mitt where there is now foundation and it instantly rinses off, indeed she had a clean mitt.  All of this done with less than a quarter of the bottled water. So of course my question is: “How does the Magic happen?”   Well, the soft plush mitt is made from knitted micro fibers, that when wet, they create a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to the skin.  The mitt easily sweeps away the emulsion while also gently exfoliating the skin.  I love this mitt, it even removes mascara! Now, remember this is a cleansing aid, so you still need to follow up with your normal skin care regimen after removing makeup with the mitt.
Note** the directions suggest that you wash the mitt with warm water and hand soap after removing makeup to ensure all residue is removed as to prohibit any bacteria from forming
Next up was Dot the i, a cotton swab with pre measured makeup remover in the tube. When you snap the blue line the remover quickly drains into the other end of the swab. The remover which is formulated with botanical extracts including lavender, aloe and avena sativa (oat) provides calming, conditioning and soothing  to the even the most sensitive eyes (also safe for contact wearers).  There isn’t any dripping so whether you are removing your eye makeup or needing to make a correction, your able to do so quick,clean, and easy.
I really love both products.  they deliver on their promises and packaging allows for travel convenience which is always a plus.