Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Kit Review

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I found myself strolling 125th st in Harlem one evening at the urging of my husband. A girl’s dream right, to have a man that says “let’s go walking down a street full of stores so we can actually go in and buy things” lol So I bundled up and obliged him. I already knew I wanted to check out Carol’s Daughter so we headed in that direction. The store was very beautiful and aromatic. Customer service was a plus. I was greeted, allowed to peruse, and any question I had was answered quickly and thoroughly. On that alone I was definitely making a purchase. I decided on the Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Kit which included, Black vanilla shampoo, Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie, Healthy Hair Butter and a comb, all for the lovely price of $29. I also grabbed a tune of the lip gloss;I’ll come back and talk about it later. When I came back home I first tried the product on my niece who has relaxed hair and I was very pleased with the results. The shampoo gently cleansed her hair while delivering with softeners that did not weigh her hair down. She kept commenting on how great the products smelled and she could feel the difference it was having on her hair. I have to agree these products delivered on everything she needed, moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening. Her hair did not shed as much as it usually does after a shampoo and conditioning. I must tell you her hair is relaxed bone straight, enough said.
Now it was my turn and just as I stated above, the products delivered on my natural hair as well. I was greatly impressed with the thorough gentle cleaning of the shampoo. No squeaky hair! The smoothie was very satisfying to this thick main of mine; by quenching its thirst and making it very soft and manageable. Now, last but certainly not least the healthy hair butter, oh how I love thee. I am totally moved by the alluring scents of ylang ylang, cedarwood, and patchouli, all uplifting yet relaxing. My hair looks and feels great, however, I have noticed that my hair takes a bit longer to dry when I use it (don’t like that). All in all I am very happy with my purchase. Big shout out to Nicole D of at Your Birth Right for making the CD suggestion. I hope you enjoy the review!
What are some of your CD favorites?
  • YAY!!! Just what I needed to hear. THANKS for the review. Love the price for sure. I will defnitely be trying the healthy hair kit and when I do I will give you an update! You are the BEST!!

  • You have got to try the Lisa’s Hair Elixir and the Milk!! I use her products exclusively on my daughters hair and really love them…have to get my own and stop stealing hers! :-)

  • Marilyn

    Happy new year Tara. I really like this review. I actually bought the set in October. I’m trying to grow out my relaxer again. But, I gave the kit to a co-worker who has almost the same length and texture hair as you, but she’s not quite as adept at working it as you. By the time I get a decent length of new growth, I’ll probably get another kit. God bless.

  • That was great SanTara! I’ve been wanting to try their products for awhile. My cousin used some of their products when she did my hair wedding 3 years ago(anniversaries tomorrow!) and I really loved the product she used. But I haven’t been able to try it again and really don’t remember which one it was to be honest. Thanks for the review, I will definitely be trying it now!

  • Your hair looks strong and healthy- good for you! I’m a Carol’s Daughter fan- love me some Marguerite’s Magic! :)

  • Thank you ladies! Next time i hit the store i will try your favs too.

  • monica H

    I purchased the HHK because I’d heard great things about it and I my hair absolutely loves the Hair Milk.

    All the products were great with the exception of the Hair Smoothie. I used it as directed but my hair came out very dry for some reason. I too have natural hair, no color and some serious 4b.

    Great review.

  • I love the hair butter and the hair balm. The hair milk not so much.