Noodle Head Review

This winter I decided to only wear styles that require me to sit under the dryer, NO WET curly hair. Last winter traumatized I believe I had icicles in my hair one day. So, I figured finding a great styling product for some twist, knots or braids would be way cheaper than me having to pay for therapy over my hair being frostbitten. I have tried so many products but either they are to oily (saturates down into my face), filmy (the hair has almost a grey hue) flaky(so not cute look when the product resembles grits on your hairshaft), or just plain drying to both my hair and scalp (and the itchiness is madness).

Well, I was happy when Tony over at Well Watered Woman asked me if I had tried Beyond the Zone’s Noodle Head. This was right on time because I just finished off a salon product that couldn’t stand without a companion. I didn’t want to repurchase those products so I headed over to Sally’s and grabbed a tube of Noddle Head (they have a curl spray that looks like it might be good for those nights when u want to refresh your twist out without having to shampoo your hair)
I decided to give it a try with some bantu knots. I recommend that knots be done early , (unlike myself, who did them 3hrs before i had to go somewhere) Knots take a loooong time to dry, especially if your hair is thick like mine. So my end result was a little on the frizzy side because I had to pull the knots down before they were totally dry. Noodle Head Curling cream is very light, gives a great definition and it left a wonderful shine. The scent is very light and I found that I didn’t need a lot of product when applying to each section. I will use it again this week for my twist out because it worked for me. All in all it was a good buy(under $6) and the sale girl told me it goes on sale quite often, another plus.


  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing the review. 8 )

    I’m really excited to give it a try. Hopefully I can grab a tube this weekend.

    Thanks again you totally rock and as always you look amazing!
    Your hair and make up came out stunning.


  • SUPER CUTE!! Something I would totally do! LOL

    BTW: Ever tried Carol’s Daughter hair products. I finally bought some (waiting for them to arrive). I hope they help with my dry hair. The New England winter is not kind to my scalp!

    Keep up the great blogging!

    LCGreen @

  • Thank you Ladies!!
    I just bought a CD’s hair kit (black vanilla shampoo, smoothie & healthy hair butter). It will be reviewed very soon. oh, and i grabbed a tube of her new gloss.

  • Because of your review, I decided to try this product and LOVE the way it worked with my twist and twistout. It was not drying or flakey and left my twistout well defined. It is a “keeper”. I found it at Sally’s Beauty Supply and they had at least 2-3 shelves full of Beyond the Zone products. My hair thanks you!