Black Opal Dual Lip Gloss Review

I was looking for a nice purple gloss and my sister surprised me with one a couple of weeks ago. Black Opal Dual Lip Gloss in Screen Gems (fuschia/deep plum)has a great smooth texture but I feel like I would have to wear a lipstick or liner underneath for a smoother and polished look. The gloss is thick but not tacky at all, luv that. My lips kind of looked like they were peeling when I put on the deep plum, 1st pic(what do you think?) 2nd pic, fuschia, 3rd pic, both colors

deep plum
My lips feel great when I have the lip gloss on and when I remove it because the formula is very moisturizing. I like the high shine, colors and feel, so I will give it go again but I will partner it with a base of some kind. A good drugstore find for under $6. I may try one of their other 5 shades.
  • The 3rd with both colors is the most appealing in my opinion.

  • i like option 2

  • I can’t decide! they are both fabulous colour options. I actually really like the first one. so yeah…hard choice! lovely blog by the way!

  • thank you so much! I’m glad u like the blog